Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's 2010 Celebration

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda

New Year celebrations in the Philippines means fireworks and making noise. One can hear a constant eruption of fireworks for the entire duration of the first two weeks up until the New Year's day (one reason I am normally on travel immediately after Christmas up to New Year).

I decided to stay home this time for a change as I have just been on travel last October and November and trying to save up this time. I am happy to celebrate New Year 2010 with my loving family and enjoyed the celebration right at our terrace, getting a good view of all the fireworks display without embracing risk normally associated with fire crackers.For want of snow, I took a picture with Coca Cola billboard shown above.

Since our family does not use firecrackers, I bought colorful torotot (trumpets)for all the kids and adults alike for the New Year’s Eve party called Media Noche. I was joined by my parents and my brother Allan's family (who lives in my home) and shared food like carbonara, hamon, grilled fish, lechon manok, biko, bread and fruit salad. We also have on our table a basket of 13 kinds of rounded fruits (we were told by the fruit vendor in Cubao that 13 round fruits is luckier than 12 since there is in fact a 13 month. Makes sense coz who wouldn't want the 13th month pay,right?). So, I bought apples, pears, orange, melon, guava, mango, grapes, water melon, kiwi, cherry, honeydew, kiat kiat (small oranges)and persimon.

To wait for the clock to hit twelve,we played darts wheel where one can win an amount from P10 to P200, with crispy P20 bill denominations or P10 or P5 coins as prize. At 12 midnight we gathered at the dining table for a prayer and started eating, cheering, jumping,shouting and greetings love ones.

For New Year’s Day, we were joined by kuya Mike and Joel's families for the family lunch and more games. We played the New Year's Wheel, guess the coins and Pinoy Henyo.

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