Sunday, December 19, 2010

Jojo and AA's Wedding: Unforgettably Unique, Fun Reception

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda

Talk of one unforgettably unique, very personal and fun wedding reception I attended, the run away winner would be yesterday's musical themed ring ceremony reception of my friends' theater actors couple Jojo and AA Riguera !

The fun and creativity of the couple started even before the day of the wedding! Their wedding invitation is theatrical and attention - getting! I felt like an A-list star when I got hold of the "movie ticket" invite, announcing the curtain call to their Wedding Premieres dubbed as “For Time and All Eternity”.

The couple was also a little less-conventional with their color motif of pink and chocolate brown, AA and Jojo's respective fave colors. I have never seen those colors more stunningly prettier than being worn as belt for the all-white do of AA's beautiful sisters who act as bridemaids/made of honor!

At the actual wedding, the get - up of the venue complements the theme and motif!

As the guests arrive, we are ushered at a photo booth, where I and other guests had a fun moment being captured in that photographs which became the wedding favors. I love how my photos with the cute theater styled hair clips - pink and brown (Don't I just love it?!!)

After the fun photo session, guests proceeded to the cultural hall where this cute theater ticket counter box welcomed guests in style (well it is for your cash gift if you're giving one and have not brought an envelope (get the point!!hahaha!).

A reception seating cards of different musicals on the tables, a stage prepped with masks,a chocolate fountain (not cake) constituting the mouth watering centerpiece, theme songs of our favorite Musicals played all through the program and the bride and groom wearing only their couple shirts marked "bride' and "groom", all made me anticipate a trendy, non-traditional, fun celebration.

And I wasn't disappointed!

The curtain opened with an AVP (audio-visual presentation),highlighting the couple's love story, produced,directed and starred in by the couples themselves. I totally enjoyed it! I know that Jojo and AA are not theater actors for no reason and what a cute way to tell their love story!

When asked why they thought of doing a musical? Jojo and AA said they want to give a gift to their families and friend. And I thought what a beautiful thing it is to give a gift from their hearts during the auspicious event in their lives!

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