Saturday, December 18, 2010

Now Showing: Jojo and AA's No Cliche's Ring Ceremony and Temple Sealing

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda

If there's one wedding reception that I hope to see more with Latter Day Saints (LDS) couples,it will be the wedding today of Alexis Aubrey Fernandez and Joselito Riguera or simply known to me and their friends as Jojo and AA.

Jojo and AA's wedding celebration is very intimate, meaningful, heartfelt, uniquely theirs and truly standout as an LDS one, with the absence of cliche'-ish Filipino wedding traditions.

A Ring Ceremony Before The Temple Wedding

Since there is no so-called LDS Wedding tradition, many Filipino LDS couples choose to celebrate their weddings following a Filipino tradition, but they are married in a Latter-Day Saints temple in a ceremony called Temple Sealing.

And since only very few guests can witness the wedding ceremony inside the temple, Filipino LDS couples hold wedding receptions after the Temple Sealing, so that their families and friends can share in the couples joy and celebration.

For Jojo and AA,they held a Ring Ceremony reception before their temple sealing instead of the usual "after - temple sealing receptions".

With the reverse set up, I was able to witness both a unique, very personal Ring Ceremony reception (minus the cliche's of throwing bouquet and garter or kissing couples while people strike their glasses with the spoon haha) and a truly meaningful Temple Sealing afterwards, where the couples were focused on the eternal nature of their marriage covenants with sanctity and reverence rather than on the reception that will take place after!

There are many aspects of Jojo and AA's wedding reception where I felt the couple's touch of personalization which deserves another blog entry.


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  2. hello Melissa, thank you for your invitation. i already checked your blog and it is a nice idea to have a book club. is it ok to be a member of the group without actually participating in the reads? i just love to read book reviews,but since i read books only when i feel like,and my preferences are not in the like of those in the book bag,i won't be able to make a review or share.


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