Wednesday, November 10, 2010

We are Sealed! (November 9, 2010 Cebu Philippines Temple)

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda

From now on, November 9, 2010 tops the many memorable family anniversaries that the Ojeda Family celebrates. It is on this date that we were sealed as an eternal family at the Cebu Philippines Temple! What a blessing of joy and happiness that we were able to accomplish this lofty goal after 23 years of membership in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (or LDS Church)!

Sealing ceremony is an inspiring and solemn ordinance (rite) performed to bind families together among family members who are living, as well as family members who have gone before us. I know that the sealing of families is the culminating ordinance of the priesthood, and if I am sealed with my family, that blessing can sustain us in this life and console us in death. Toward this end, I had been longing to be sealed with my wonderful family since my baptism last April 11, 1987 ( April 19 & 29,1987 for my brothers and parents).

What a joy it is to be sealed to my parents and my two brothers Mike,Allan and Mary Jean (my deceased sister) (with my youngest brother Joel in the preparation stage)! It was so good to see my sisters - in - law Amy and Belenda witnessed the sealing, Imee participated in the baptism for the dead and the whole family, getting dressed in white joining us for a group picture outside the temple!

Indeed, our family sealing is a dream come true, a fulfillment of a long but rewarding journey for me! As the only unmarried (single) person in the family, I have not been previously sealed to anybody unlike my brothers Kuya Mike and Allan who were both sealed to their own families. So for 23 years, my constant goal and prayers were to have my parents get back to full church activity and be worthy to enter the temple.

Vivid in my memory was our family picture in April 29, 2004 taken on the occasion of my father's birthday. In this picture taken inside the Manila Philippines Temple annex, my family of 13 (parents,3 brothers,3 sisters-in-law and 6 kids in tow), were dressed in white. This picture served as a memorial of our goal to be sealed for time and eternity which we know would mean careful planning and joint efforts from all of us.

Indeed, this family temple blessing is a once -in - a -lifetime experience! A day worth waiting for!!

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