Saturday, November 6, 2010

Psyched With My Prince In Taipei!

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda

All my trips ( 20 countries/373 cities according to my blog widget) are special to me in their own way. But those travels which involve meeting my prince or spending time with the love of my life, Mark *wink,wink*, are hugely gratifying! Like right now, I am psyched that I could spend a few days with him here in Taipei,Taiwan from November 4-6, 2010!

Taipei,the northern capital city of Taiwan is teeming and hectic yet fresh and captivating, so much like my prince!

He is on a business trip in the city and his 2D/2N stay will be busy with work stuff leaving a few open times to spend with me. No fret! There is much to do in Taipei (while my prince works) and finding my way around in the city is not hard. Public transport is cheap and reliable and heads to all the main attractions.

As a prelude to collecting heartwarming memories with my prince, I picked him up
at the airport, for a change. Well I scored some cutie points when I volunteered to do that,but almost retracted coz I dread commuting ( and in a foreign country at that!)! Before I could change my mind though, my prince quickly assured me that taxis and buses are very honest in Taiwan so I shouldn't have trouble with the commute. He also advised me to have Chloe write in chinese the places so I can show it to people when I get lost.

I commuted (yahooo!!! I'm a big girl!!). Brave huh. Nah. Mark was right. The commute was easy,smooth, no traffic, no going in circles though taxi was metered, and when the bus stop was no longer operational,the taxi driver called my host Chloe to tell me not to panic as he was going to bring me to another bus stop! Fare was NT$ 420 (Php 600)(but I happily paid NT$ 450 (Php 650) though no tipping in Taiwan). A ticket to the airport on a double decker bus was NT$ 140 (Php 200). The bus left even with only a handful passengers.

I arrived at the airport at exactly 11am (my prince's ETA (expected time of arrival).The airport Terminal 1 was jampacked! There were so many young girls with their cute banners,digicams, cameras and cellphones hailed out for someone famous. I belatedly learned from rumors that Jerry Yan (Dao Ming Si of Meteor Garden's fame)was the reason for the revelry!

Well, my prince is my Dao Ming Si and that makes me his Sanchai (ehem) so I did not bother waiting for Jerry Yan (of course, it is another story if situation is different haha!). As I tried to find my way into the crowd, I bumped into my prince! It was so good to see him. I was psyched!

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