Monday, October 4, 2010

Shanghai's Own Photo Stamps Postcard...

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda

Got a wall message on FB from my friend Beth from Sweden.She and her husband Roland are in Greece and is sending me a birthday postcard from there. Ate Beth knows how I love postcards!

Speaking of postcards, I remember my first time to print my own postcard with my own photo postage stamp at the Shanghai Postal Museum in 2006.

The Shanghai Postal Museum (250 North Suzhou Road, Houkou District)was just a stone's throw away from my hotel. It opens only on Wednesdays and Fridays. There was no entrance fee and getting in was easy.

The museum looks very small from the initial point,but as I walked through it, it looks like unending, series of rooms. It is wonderful and truly one of China’s most outstanding contemporary buildings.

I saw a Photo Stamp booth and decided to have my personalized postcard! It is such a cool thing to have. You just take your own image and turn it into a picture stamp. Really a cool way of showing off my travels to friends and family.


  1. amazing blog!..i love it! eversince you amaze us of your overwhelming drive to success. Cheers! my dear friend. It's been a long long years and finally I found you- Melanie Montano

  2. Hey!!!!great to see you here my dear friend! I have been looking for you too but no luck are you? hope we can meet soon or maintain you have an FB account?my cpno. 0915-1874322/0923-3204049. where are you based right now? grabe dami ko na kasi ako contact sa high school friends and just felt sooo good to hear from you!!
    i met Claveria years back during traffic on our way to Batangas!

  3. :)me too so giggle and eager to see/talk to you. i texted/ called you only now so you may give me a ring when you're free..i know you're very much busy woman Atty Ojeda. by the way you are "wanted" at FB, everyones looking for you baka daw di mo na cla pansinin :)i'm in an IT company Phil based..unlike you, travelling around the world!!!???haler!!! bring me to your place hahaha


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