Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Island Adventure in Sapi Island,Kota Kinabalu

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda

In Kota Kinabalu, people are spoiled because the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park (which consists of the islands of Pulau Gaya, Pulau Sapi, Pulau Manukan, Pulau Sulug and Pulau Mamutik) is just a few minutes away from the city!

Last October 23 (Saturday), we went to the sun-kissed beach of Pulau Sapi. Unlike other places I have been to (esp. Philippines), we didn't have to wake up real early to make it to the islands. We got to the Jesselton ferry terminal at 10am and paid at the counter for the sail boat rental, a snorkeling gear, life vests and for the para-sailing. Then we got our gadgets from the pinoy boys (mostly from Mindanao) and got on a 10-capacity sailboat. After only a short 20-minute breezy and (though somewhat bumpy) boat ride, we got to the beach.

Pulau Sapi is a small white sand beach with lots of tourist. To me, I can say that it is as small as one of Philippines' Caramoan islands but as busy as Philippines' Boracay beach! Well, the shallow water is incredibly clear while the sand is white!

When we got to the island, there was huge crowd enjoying beach BBQ picnic while others were enjoying staying at the shades, sunbathing, snorkeling,and swimming. We didn't wait to get to our swim suits and enjoy the water and posing for pic to capture this beautiful island!!

In terms of snorkeling, we were lucky to be accompanied by the pinoys who assisted us in the para-sailing. The snorkeling area is just nearby (so no need for the boat to take you). I saw various types of hard and stony corals and variety of fishes like rabbitfish, parrotfish, a few specie of damselfish, clown anemonefish, moon wrasse, Moorish idols,which was identified by my guide.

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