Friday, October 1, 2010

Birthday 10/01/10 and Birthday Memories...

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda

My birthday celebration today, just like my previous birthdays, is so much fun and proves that "the best things in life are not material things but songs to sing, dreams to pursue, joy to ensure, love to share and friends who are true!". myspace graphic comments
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Given the limited time to prepare for a celebration, I decided to have a Videoke Party at home from 3pm to 12midnight and prepared home made dishes (tons of food actually, prepared by mom and sis -in- laws.) It was a simple celebration and yet still a fun occasion to look back since my family and many of my closest friends came over and others made effort to call, text, email and message on FB!!

To me my BIRTHDAYS and FUN are synonymous (at least, when I was old enough to plan my own birthday fun!

To add joy to the occasion and to make the celebration of my natal day something to remember for life, I usually plan what to do on my birthday - which could be anything from theme party based on my hobbies and interest or just travel and explore places.

The idea really is anything that I could be with my special someone, family and friends on my birthday and would be fun to execute.

So far, some of the things I remembered having had for birthdays are: All-Salad Party ("Break-The-Fast) since my birthday in 2000 fell on a first Sunday of the month, Family KTV/Ballroom at SM Megamall, Anything Goes Costume Party (you'll wear what you
were wearing when you got the invite), Pool Party, Open - House Party, Get-away with Prince in Macau and Hongkong, Wandering Juans in Singapore and Malaysia, Top of the Hill Surprise Party in Provo,Utah,Videoke Party, Kiddie Party at Tropical Hut, etc.

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