Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Caramoan: Islands Adventure In Philippines Secret Paradise!

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda

Caramoan gives 'islands adventure' a new meaning with its dozens of islands strings and rock formations suited for island hopping and swimming.

In between the series of August typhoons, we were lucky to enjoy a full day of sunshine yesterday, cruising around the clusters of beautiful islands in the so called "Philippines Secret Paradise". An awe inspiring piece of nature, Caramoan is isolated from the rest of Camarines Sur, maintaining its real unblemished paradise far from the crowded commercialized type of tourism.

I had been wanting to visit Caramoan, but never found a perfect time. So when I finally got the chance of stepping in the shores of Caramoan with my friends Ate Margo, Tes and Kuya Mike availing of overnight commuter package (for only P2,500 per person for minimum of 4pax to 6pax inclusive of hotel accommodation, three meals, land transfers and island hopping),we took no time hopping and cruising along the six islands of Butad, Kabalignad, Kabutunan, Lajos, Matukad and Minalgos.

- experiencing the stretches of very fine white sand and splashing cool crisp water

Since we took the 8am ferry (coz we missed the first ferry that left Sabang port at 5:40am), we got in the island at around 10am. After checking in our accommodation and eating brunch, we were on our way to our first stop - Butad island.

Butad island is a small strip of island with its fine white sand. It is so close to Gota, the venue for the tribal council of Survivor Serbia which is currently shooting in the island. We immediately played in the cool crisp water showing Gota behind.

- discovering the coral havens and sunbathing on its milky white sands
After Butad,our guide Rico of Caramoan Travel and Tours (owned and managed by Caramoan Brgy.Captain, Virgilio "Totem" Avila), took us to Kabalignad Island.Since it is still low tide, our boat stayed afloat in the middle of the ocean and we had fun snorkeling. It is so beautiful down there and truly a coral haven.

When the tide went up, we were able to come near the shore of pure, fine, milky white sands.

-enjoying the scenic views

After snorkeling to our hearts content and feeding our eyes with such beauty, it was time to feed our stomach with the island finds. We proceeded to Kabutunan island for some "buko" (young coconut) while enjoying a scenic view of the other nearby islands.

-swimming on its crystal waters

The sea tide level got perfect for a visit at Lajos island. With the Survivor Serbia's set up (maybe for the next challenge), we weren't certain we can swim in its crystal waters. But we did! Wow, Truly a place where Nature casts its spells! It becomes easy to see why Caramoan is and has been the favorite of multiple international Survivor films which includes French, Israel, Bulgarians,Swedes and now Serbians.

-current venue for Survivor Serbia

Matukad island's fame is routed to the fact that it is the venue for Survivor Serbian's cast away "house" - a floating barge. I was so lucky to step on the barge and took photo.

During our short stint on this island,the director and camera man of Survivor Serbia came to take some shots.

hiding/climbing on pure solid marbles

To wrap up our great ocean adventure, we visited Minalgos Island and was mystified by its rocks and limestone cliffs. It is so great to see,feel and be with nature at its finest.

Truly, Caramoan, is Philippines unexplored paradise which I am so blessed to have seen 'up close and personal'.

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  1. I too, would like to go back to Caramoan to see its pristine islands and surroundings. Not to mention, the fresh cool air; so with, taking a dip in the cristal clear waters of the beaches encompassed by white sands.I envy you...

  2. Thanks Dan for reading the blog entry. Caramoan really deserved a second visit.let's plan it Dan. There are 7 more islands to see apart from the ones we visited during the 2-day package!!


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