Monday, July 5, 2010

Our Leather Anniversary!

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda

It's our third year as sweethearts so I am fascinated with everything "leather". For a romantic twist using this material, I gave ourselves three gifts:

First, a new 2010 Isuzu Crosswind Sportivo with its beige color perforated leather-vinyl combination seats. Like the big changes in the vehicle that we have come to love, we up our relationship to a greater reliability and durability as we enter another year.

Second, a leather key holders marked "M" - the blue "M" stands for Mark and the pink/purple "M" stands for "Mhe-anne". Thought would be nice to go with the new car keys!

Third,a his and hers Beveryl Hills Polo Club leather watches. I got them from the Cebu Pacific Airlines flight to Vietnam (Ho Chi Min City) and fell in love with the elegant black leather straps.

And maybe my prince didn't notice but we did everything in sets of 3: 3 rounds of 'phone calls', so that's three sets of "I love you's" and three sets of "mwah mwahs".

And for my wish list on our third anniversary - I also have 3 - first, anything in the mail on the exact anniversary date -July 5 (already granted). Got the surprised package of my favorite The "U" red jersey! Love it!! second, a phone call when it hits 12 midnight of July 5 (kinda got it as well though the call didn't go through, coz he remembers that I like those midnight calls on important occasions)and the third, drum roll... a Happy Leather Anniversary Teddy Bear! Saw it on the website and can't wait to have it! I don't mind if it's get to me on our fourth anniversary! We could always back fill the ones we've missed!! (call it hinting my prince! haha)


  1. I wish you more happy years with your Prince, Ma'am! Woohoo!!! :))

  2. Thank you Jazz. I am also excitedly waiting for your big day! I read about your new home...


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