Monday, June 14, 2010

Singles Singing Their Heart Out: A Deparo Ward SA Experience

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda

If there's an activity everyone will enjoy, no matter who they are,it is a Videoke party! Yea,that's proven and tested during the Deparo Ward Single Adults Home Evening last June 14,2010 holiday!

As a tribute to three of my ward mates - Tess Calingacion, Raffy Abaya and Sister Rivera (our full-time missionary finishing her mission in our ward this month) who are leaving the ward soon, I thought of holding a Ward Single's Home Evening that's both fun and easy to pull through. The Videoke machine was a hit!

Well, the Home Evening style get-together is still the main theme but having a videoke machine did the entertaining before we formally started the FHE. Also since there's a videoke, the food I need to prepare is simple. I had some chips, crackers,and peanuts around. For main course is Korean kimbap (sushi roll),pancit bihon and the cake!

The FHE was so much fun. Thanks to Raffy for the energetic conducting. I enjoyed the hilarious games by the full time missionaries -(seksing butiki (sexy lizard),kuba na bading (hunchback gay) and buntis na upaw (pregnant bald man) who would you rather be?take your pick.and the winner is,este losers - the seksing butiki!Then Jethro and Jesse introduced the animal sounds game. It was funny!

As for the highlight, it is Jojo and AA's lesson on following our Guide in making life's decisions.Heavenly Father gave us scriptures, church leaders and prayers as our guides in this life's journey in the same way as he gave tools and instructions to Nephi in building the ark. It was Jojo's first ever FHE lesson and he did it really well!!

For the finale is the skit entitled "Pamilyang Dimagiba" where they portrayed the characters of the three - Raffy,Tess and Sister Rivera in a funny way! I was laughing loud!!

And after the refreshment, Jojo and AA (the performers in the group) wrapped up the night with the hosting of the "Sing Galing" contest, where the two teams race to score 3 points by singing the remaining lyrics of the song that AA and Jojo have chosen. Raffy (our ever mysterious, reserved type boy -next- door,ehem!) scored our team's 3 points! A revelation!

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