Monday, May 3, 2010

Fish Feeding: Another Family Service Project During Family Reunion

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda

Another truly unique experience and opportunity for service to the environment that Paradise Ranch Nature and Conservation Park, has to offer is fish feeding and rafting around the lagoon. There were thousands of fish - kois and carps inhabiting the lake inside the ranch,looking for a free meal from those rafting who are willing to buy fish pellets at P20 per pack. According to the guides, the fish farm started as a mix of small and adult carps and they just flourished rapidly.

Right after our tree planting activity last May 1,2010, we headed to the lake area and divided the family - 9 persons in one raft and the other 8 in the other raft. As soon as we get to the middle,everyone started sprinkling little food over the water surface. Fishes and ducks consumed the food in less than a minute. The guide said that most fish’s stomachs are about the same size as their eyes.(cool)

We really had fun sprinkling the sinking type pellet foods, which is good even for those bottom dwellers. After 30 minutes,all of us have sprinkled our fish feed. This is a family experience not to be missed with adults and children alike sharing in the action.

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