Friday, March 5, 2010

Stage 7 Tour of Luzon - A Shake Up But Still KBS on Yellow Jersey.

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda

Yesterday was another Tour of Luzon experience. Since we got to Subic a little later than the starting time of 9am, we decided to wait on at the Corregidor Highway,a few kilometers from the starting point Cubi around Subic Airport.It was great to see the race from another angle. We put the banner in front of the car. Then, we proceeded to the Cubi to wait for the finishing riders at around 2pm.

My friend Reid Mumford who was wearing the yellow jersey finished in 5th after two EMG riders and his co-KBS David Veilleux and local Baler Ravina. With this stage result, there was a shake up in the overall tally board.I hope, if it not Reid, that David will wear the yellow jersey.

This morning, I am so happy to see this post from the Manila Bulletin.

Veilleux is Tour leader
March 5, 2010, 6:59pm

SUBIC — James Perry and Dennis Von Nickalk of EMG Cycling Team seized lap honors but it was David Veilleux of Kelly Benefits Strategies who earned the spotlight in the seventh stage of the 2010 LPGMA Tour of Luzon.

Veilleux finished third after the 137-kilometer race from Cubi Point through the hills of Pilar, Bataan and back to grab the overall lead.

Veilleux had now compiled a total clocking of 16 hours, 41 minutes and 14.47 seconds to strip teammate Reid Mumford of the yellow jersey going into the final two stages of the multi-stage race.

Perry topped the lap in four hours, five minutes and 4.42 seconds while Nickalk came in 8.16 seconds later before Veilleux crossed the line (13.16) to complete the toughest stage of the Tour backed by partylist LPGMA, Geo Estate Beacon, American Vinyl, Smart, Burlington, Energizer, Schick, and Liquigaz.

Baler Ravina of Liquigaz finished fourth (23.99) and arrived ahead of Irish Valenzuela of American Vinyl and Mumford (27.7) before the group of Smart’s Oscar Rendole, American Vinyl’s Cris Joven and Tomas Martinez of Smart crossed the line.

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