Saturday, February 13, 2010

Building Personal Arks and Not Towers

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda
(outrigger boat in Donsol, Sorsogon taken last January 28-30, 2010)
Elder W. Don Ladd taught: " Our arks will float on a sea of faith if our works have been steadily and surely preparing for the future".

Today's lesson in Sunday School entitled "Noah...Prepared an Ark to the Saving of His House" is about prophet Noah who was commanded by the Lord to build an ark where he and his family found refuge during flood that lasted 40 days and 40 nights. Because of the people's utter wickedness during Noah's days, the Lord saw fit to destroy all flesh from the earth. All the people and creatures that were not on the ark died.

A few generations after the flood, the people tried to build a tower to heaven commonly called "the tower of Babel". The people who build the tower was punished as they tried to reach heaven by wordly means, to escape from flood that shows that the people acted contrary to the will of God and to make a name for themselves.

(lighthouse at Lakeshore in Mexico, Pampanga taken last February 5, 2010)

Like in Noah's days, Church leaders have commanded each of us to "build a personal ark'. Arks can help save us from the evil around us like our homes and families, friends,temples, seminary, Church meetings, prayer, the scriptures, and living prophets.

The only way for us to reach heaven - to live with our Havenly Father - is through the gospel of Jesus Christ. We must live righteously, as Noah did, having faith in Christ, repenting of our sins, receiving sacred ordinances, and enduring to the end of our lives.

Hence, what we really need in our lives are "arks" and not "towers".

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