Saturday, February 20, 2010

Gyeongju City and Ulsan South Korea: An Adventure with my BFFs

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda

If you are watching Koreanovela Queen Seon Deok on GMA, chances are you already heard the place called Seorabeol in Silla and probably wondered where that is now. Seorabeol is the ancient capital city of the Silla Dynasty where Queen Seon Deok reigned as its first queen. Now, it is called Gyeongju City in South Korea. I visited Gyeongju in May 2001 with my bestfriend Dearie during my trip based on an invitation by my Korean best friend Michael who lives in Ulsan, South Korea.

Gyeongju City as the ruling seat of the old empire Silla has some nice parks and historic sites. Since Ulsan is near Gyeongju, Michael's family toured us around Geoungju particularly at the Gyeongju World Culture Expo 2000. It was an impressive meeting place where Korean culture harmonized with world cultures, filled with new millennium's breath.

Other highlights are Bulgoksa Temple, which is one of the largest, most famous temples in Korea; it is beautiful, but heavily visited.

We also went around Ulsan and visited the Ulsan Grand Park, first established as the biggest downtown ecological park in the Eastern world, the Munsu Soccer Stadium, the venue of the 2002 World Cup; the Ulsan Athlete Park, located at the heart of a beautiful natural setting in Ulsan; and the Daewangam Park, which boasts of a stunning views of the Sea of Korea, as well as of the breathtaking rock formations, and a lush pine woods populated by about 15,000 trees.

In addition, there are many small parks located near residential areas so that Buk-gu residents can visit and enjoy the beauty of nature any time. Each small park features a children's playground and a miniature sports field.

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