Saturday, January 30, 2010

Majestic Mayon Volcano in Legaspi, Albay!

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda

Call it a lucky day! After a long wait, I finally have again spotted the world's nearly perfect cone - Mayon Volcano - as it stands majestically at 7,946 feet from the broad base about 10 kilometers in radius, in a bright clear day.I can't believe my eyes! Just last month, Mayon was shown in its fury, emitting deadly hot lava (yet attracting many tourist at the truly magnificent and unique scene especially at night!).

Despite a number of past visits to this beautiful scenery, the last time I was able to capture a clear shot of Mayon Volcano in its quiet grandeur like today was in May 1995 (during a visit with my friends Jenny, May and our Korean students).

So to savor the magnificent beauty of Mount Mayon at this lucky strike, I took pictures of this beauty from all angles - at the rooftop of Magayon Hotel (where we stayed for the night while in Legaspi), at Lignon Hill, 500 meters from Cagsawa Ruins, at Cagsawa Ruins and at the new Embarcadero.

at the rooftop of Magayon Hotel

Magayon Hotel (which in tagalog means "beautiful" hotel)is a four storey hotel a few minutes from the airport and about 5 minutes walk to the city center. Although the room we stayed at does not have a good view of the hotel (P700) while the one with a good view is at P1,200,we were told that we can go up to the rooftop and capture the Mayon in full view.

at Lignon Hill

Lignon Hill is located behind the Legaspi Airport Tower and it’s summit offers a breathtaking 360 degree view of the City of Legaspi, the Pacific ocean, nearby towns and islands, and of course the majestic Mayon Volcano. Entrance to the hill is free. After a 20 minute trek through the winding road (an uphill battle like the lyrics of Miley Cyrus "The Climb", a real treat awaits you!

500 meters from Cagsawa Ruins

From the main road, there is a good 500 meters walk where you can have a full view of Mayon on your way to the Cagsawa ruins. There is a boulder you can use as a platform for a trick photography at its best!

at Cagsawa Ruins

Cagsawa Ruins is the remnants of Cagsawa Church which was buried when Mount Mayon erupted on February 1, 1814 (exactly 196 years ago tomorrow!). It was the worst eruption.

at the new Embarcadero

The Embarcadero is a waterfront development located at the harbor area of Legaspi City adjacent to the alluring Kapuntukan Hill. It is one of the most anticipated developments in the city which opened last July 18, 2009.

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