Friday, January 15, 2010

Acacia Ward Youth and Youth Leaders: A Reunion Two Decades After...

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda

Part of an old adage by Natalie Evans says that
"every friend fills a different role xxx and having well chosen circle of friends is like having your own private round table. they are your support system, your lifeline to the world".

This was exactly what transpired at the Acacia Ward Youth and Youth Leaders Reunion after two decades that was held at the Max's Restaurant, Quezon City Circle last January 15, 2010. I was able to renew my ties, friendships and bonding with several different friends and youth leaders during my youth days over a private dinner table we reserved for that purpose. It was a blast!. Thanks to Roy Nicomedes and Issel Leon who have thought of the idea and have helped me organized the get-together. We were thrilled with the response, considering the short notice -Pert dela Cruz and Susie dela Cruz. Tagumpay and Andrea Flores. Lloyd and Cecille Flores. Honor Tyapon and Vivian Tyapon. Kaye Tyapon-Bay. Roy and Rita Nicomedes with their daughter Clarissa. Nida Bustamante Costales with 6 kids. Mommy Bustamante with 2 grand daughters. Joyce Yvette Flores.Henry Domingo. Issel Leon. Michael Anthony Ojeda and Amy Ojeda with 4 kids. Allan and Belenda Ojeda with 4 kids. Imee Ojeda with 2 daughters. Liezel Angeles and Dimet On with 4 kids. Myra Ranario and hubby. Nyhil Solomon and wifey.

We sang.

We played games.

We danced.

We talked (tsimis ba!!).

We laughed.

We renewed ties.

We got updated.

We revisited the past.

We enjoyed.

We took photos. Lots of lots of photos....

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