Friday, December 18, 2009

Before I Hit The Twig: Love A Teddy Bear (Not One But Many!)

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda

I found this little memorabilia from my friend May about teddy bears. I find this really nice and thought of updating my blog entry on loving teddy bears, as one of the tasks in the book "2001 Things To Do Before You Die" that I have marked completed. There had also been several additions to my arctos (bear) collections that I have not included in the first blog entry.

Teddy's from CS Nabil

These cute teddy bears from Paris, Bahrain and Qatar are courtesy of my couch surfing friend Nabil Mekouar, a Morrocan from Paris who is working in Qatar. I was really elated to receive three cute teddies all at the same time. I asked him, why he got me three when I asked only a teddy bear with Qatar in it. (I know it will be next to impossible to visit Qatar and have a stuffed toy from there so when he asked me what souvenir I want, I readily grabbed the chance to own a Qatar teddy bear!)

Luckily though,he could not find a toy with the name Qatar in it, so he just got me a camel teddy that talks! (of course, I could not understand what he says but that's fine! he is soo cute!). Not exactly satisfied with the toy, Nabil got another teddy while he was in Paris. It has the word Paris in it so that would complement the camel teddy, he thought. While in Bahrain for a lay over, he found exactly the stuffed toy with a country in it.He thought that fits the description because unlike Paris (which I visited last year), I haven't been to Bahrain and will not visit it for a long while, at least. So there I have it! I got not one, not two but three new teddy bears in September.

In November, my law office partner and friend Atty. Jojie Olivete surprised me with a new NY teddy after her visit to New York,USA! I was in New York last February but didn't find a teddy bear, so getting one unexpectedly just feels so great!

So, as my eager listeners, confidantes, and loyal friends called "teddies" continue to grow,there could be no better project than a room for them. I had this cabinet constructed for my teddy bears as a home improvement project in October!

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