Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Personalized Christmas Tree

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda

Christmas is just around the corner and so to get on the Christmas spirit at home, we put on our Christmas tree in the living room last November 3. I have fun decorating the Christmas tree and I truly get the Christmas excitement whenever I am in the living room. The problem, however, is that I don't normally stay in the living room when I am at home, except for watching Darna if I make it home early enough or if I come home very late - i love to watch Survivor (and cheering silently for my favorite castaway Amanda!Good luck to you Amanda and bring home the title of ultimate sole survivor!!).

So I got an idea. My own little personalized Christmas Tree in my room!

To start this personalized craft, I looked for branches around the neighborhood. Joel and Imee painted the branches white and put the bundle in a used flower pot which I asked them to paint green.

For the ornaments, I thought of hanging my photos with my prince Mark. I got pages of the magazines for the frame, photocopy them and print on a hard bound photo paper.

As finishing touches, I put some of my collections of little stuffed toys and little cute Christmas mementos like the hanging bells, balls and cat from Beijing which my prince gifted last Christmas when we were there.

To complete the craft, my sisters-in-laws Bhebe and Imee bought some little drums, bells and balls and put Christmas lights.

I love this little creation - not only because it showcase the budding creativity in me but shows what nice thing I can do without having to put in money and shows who I love and wants to see to remind me of the Christmas spirit by day and by night!

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