Monday, November 9, 2009

Las Pinas Day Out

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda

I was invited by my new Vietnamese friend Ha to visit her in Las Pinas City and see some sites. She lives in Las Pinas for three years and she will soon be back home to Ho Chi Minh City. Not having really been around Las Pinas City, (which, for my foreign friends sake,is a city in the National Capital Region of the Philippines bounded by Paranaque in the north and northeast side, Muntinlupa City on the east and southeast, Imus Cavite on the south side, Bacoor Cavite on the southwest and west side, and Manila Bay on the northwest), I gladly accepted the invitation and tagged along my American mission mate Darin who bumped into Ha while we were in Corregidor tour.

I remember in history that Las Pinas used to be a small fishing port and a center for salt-making during the Spanish era. Currently, the city is famous for its Bamboo Organ, which I have seen when I was in elementary and don't have any vivid memory of it.

After doing the Wall Climbing adventure at the SM South Mall, Ha brought us first to the Nature Church.

Nature Church

The Church is built on a 4,000 square meter mango orchard and a well-maintained park and garden.

St. Joseph Church
The Church was constructed in between 1797 to 1819 using volcanic stones.Inside the Church is the famous Bamboo Organ.

Bamboo Organ
This is a one-of-a-kind organ inside the St. Joseph Church. The Bamboo Organ is known as the only pipe organ in the world in which pipes are made of bamboo. The instrument was said to have been the creation of the first parish priest in Las Pñas who lived there between 1795 and 1830 -Fray Diego Cera Dela Virgen Del Carmen. He adopted the organ in the Filipino climate using native material - bamboo.

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