Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hawaii: Aloha to the Ocean Paradise

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda

Aloha. You’re home. This was the greetings I had when I visited Hawaii in December 2000.

And this is what I feel was the same greetings for my friend May who is now in Honolulu, Hawaii to join her hubby-to-be Eric. She posted pictures of Hawaii on Facebook, including a picture of Waikiki Beach. Wow! It is beautiful! Seeing that picture instantaneously brought back great memories of my visit in this place tagged as the world’s greatest ocean paradise.

True to its name, Hawaii really is a veritable paradise of beaches - with approximately 130 different beaches around its coastline. Of course, as a water enthusiast (I am a swimmer and a scuba diver!), our host couple Cherry and Lloyd planned an itinerary for me and my best friend Dearie that includes a visit to some popular places to swim, surf, kayak, body board, snorkel, dive, and relax. It was a real treat!

Our first stop was the Waikiki Beach being the most famous beach on O'ahu island. Because of its popularity, we found a huge crowd there during our visit. I can’t even see the beach! When we got closer, the water is so oily (with the sunscreen and sunblock lotion that is!). Good thing, Waikiki is by far not the only beach in the island.

Here are some of the places I have been to and enjoyed the wonders of the O'ahu beaches.

Ko Olina Resort and Marina

Tucked far from the crowds on the island of O’ahu is Hawaii’s most spectacular resort nestled in beautiful, historic Ko Olina – the Ko Olina Resort and Marina. Ko Olina meaning, "Place of Joy", is truly a paradise destination along the 2-mile stretch of Hawaii's most pristine white sand beaches. It was once a private playground for Hawaiian Royalty. Ko Olina Beach blends panoramic oceans views with an opulent vacation experience. With its unrivaled distinctive blend of natural beauty, turquoise blue waters and peaceful lagoons I had a vacation of a lifetime- unwind in the soothing waters, relaxed in the poolside, retreated among the translucent lagoons and enjoyed the sunset.

Kayaking in Kailua

Kailua Beach is considered the most beautiful beach park in Oahu with its large shaded picnic recreation areas. Often rated as the "Best Beach in the World" and world-class wind surfing destination, Kailua Beach is a generally wonderful place to enjoy swimming and beach recreational activities. It has a very nice, fine sandy beach.

Ala Moana Beach

Ala Moana Beach affords a beautiful view of Waikiki.
This is one of Oahu's most beautiful beaches located along the south shore just west of the famous Waikiki beach area. With its 76 acre park, the beach is noted for its excellent swimming, body boarding and wind surfing. There are also lovely shaded picnic facilities and grassy areas perfect for family outings.

Hanauma Bay

Hanauma Bay Nature Park is one of the best sites to view the wonders of reef marine life.

Hanauma Bay is located within driving distance from Waikiki. Since it was a Sunday, we just drove to the bay in our own car and took pictures. The Bay features an abundance of sea turtles, which are called “honu.”


  1. my, they should change the title of that game : "where in the world is carmen?" to "where in the world is mhe-anne going to next?" lol love those travel pics, even if some of them are in retrospect.

  2. Hey Neal, thanks for the comments. I am happy to know you are reading my blog..you are one of the few so thank you! You haven't updated your blog, maybe busy with Bacolod? Enjoy and bring lots of stories...


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