Sunday, November 8, 2009

Another Wall Attempt: My SouthWall Experience

by: Mhe-anne L. Ojeda

I wrote about a blog entry entitled “My Wall Attempt” where I talked about decorating my wall with flower designs using D-I-Y (or Do - It - Yourself) stickers, my very first crack at home decorating. It was fun!

Yesterday, I had another wall attempt. I was on high! Yea, it has something to do with a wall but totally different from my first wall attempt. Well, it is neither about the Great Wall of China (which I also have previous blog entry) nor the Intramuros Wall (which was my frequent hang out when I was studying at the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila in the walled city),but a wall inside a mall. Ok let me give you some clue. You face a wall, but not an ordinary wall. It has artificial rocks primarily of bricks for the hands to hold. It requires pushing yourself a little bit and stretching your physical limit (as one of the suggestions in Leigh Anne Jasheway – Bryant “12 Ways to Be a Gutsy Woman” No. 9 Taking a Physical Risk.). You have to wear some gear which you would feel and would almost be convinced that you look like Darna (minus the sexy costume). In this place, you'll speak a common lingo which includes harness (the one Marian Rivera wears whenever she would fly as Darna), ropes, belay gear, climbing shoes, climbing holds. Yes! I mean, Indoor Rock Climbing called " Climbing the WALL of SM Southmall" - the SouthWall!

Ha (my Vietnamese new friend) invited me and Darin to visit her in Las Pinas for a day tour yesterday. Since we decided to meet at SM Southmall, she suggested that we try their indoor man-made rock climbing facility. It was in the 3rd floor.

It was my first time to try an extreme sport like wall climbing. The rate is very reasonable - only P75 for two climbs, with gears, instructor, and shoes. Since we have not previously planned on doing a sport like this, we were not dressed appropriately. But there are shoes you can use, so we did it.

I went first. My first climb was a disaster. But oh well, definitely not a failure..coz according to my friend Ha, "it is not the destination that matters but the journey" as long as you enjoy the experience, you are successful).I am physically not prepared for the sport (having gotten sick for three days prior to the climb and have not eaten breakfast). And I was also doing it wrong. I was not relying on the harness much but really over using my hands which after the mid portion I was too tired to finish the climb to the very top 9which you have to ring the bell to say you successfully finish the climb!). Looking down from time to time also scared me to death (oh..blame it on my fast imagination!), it scared the cat out of me. So I cried out..
I'm going down and accepting ok I am lousy at this,but at least I tried huh.

Then on to my second climb. I am determined to get to the top and stretch my physical limits (and be called a gutsy woman! yahoo!!), without of course putting my life in jeopardy. That's the advantage of indoor climbing, you do an extreme thing in a controlled much safer environment. I talked to my instructor. I told him that I am a bit undecisive when it comes to choosing which climbing holds to hold and which slope to take. But I am a very obedient follower. I told him to coach me while I am having difficulty. And viola! I rang the bell!!! (Ring my bell, ring my in the song haha). I felt soo good at myself. At last, another journey to gutsiness. I think I am really a gutsy lady!!

Like what Ms. Bryant said in her article that
when you push yourself even just for a little bit, you'll not only be fitter, you'll also be less likely to hide from the world.
I couldn't agree more!

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