Friday, July 3, 2009

Melbourne Australia Adventure: Best-One-Day Itinerary

By Mhe-anne Ojeda

I was in Melbourne for one full day on July 2, 2009 arriving the night of July 1 and left this morning for Hobart Tasmania.

Arriving in the evening,I was very happy to meet my host Aunt Tess and her husband. They were very nice to pick me up that late when the drive from the airport to their home was more than an hour (yes, without traffic!). Since it is winter, it was chilly so I just managed to take a quick photo in one of Melbourne' exciting restaurant (although I must admit my camera doesn't take good pics at night!).

They welcomed me in their home sweet home and showed me what Filipino hospitality means! Although, it was first time for us to meet, I felt right at home with them!

The next morning, Aunt Tess brought me first thing to see what I came there for to visit the Melbourne Autralia Temple.

After the spiritual high at the sight of the Temple, Aunt Tess let me experienced just what Melbourne, Australia is known for. Yes, shop to my hearts content! Shop till you drop has never had more meaning than in Melbourne!

After an exciting fun filled day of sightseeing and shopping, we went to the mall to eat. Then,began again the exploration of the city's fabulous factories and warehouses for shoes, clothing, cosmetics, china, glass, chocolates, jewelry, handbags, sporting goods, and children's wear... (yea,more shopping!haha ). I hope I won't have any excess luggage though (with only 20K limit).

Then at night, it was good to update with my friend Jenny and Aunt Tess family.

Before sunrise, Aunt Tess and uncle Bob brought me to the airport for my flight to Hobart,Tasmania.

Yes, it was really a quick trip but it was great indeed!Now I have more reasons to visit Melbourne again!!

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