Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Melody Ann Castanos-Lesa

Melody is one of my best friends since 1990 when I moved to Quezon City. Our group consisting of five girls with common interests - our LDS membership and tutoring English to Korean students, sisters Jennifer and May Merdegia, Elmey Soberano, Melody Ann and myself (Mhe-anne) just got on like a house on fire! We have sooo much fun. We have done so many things together. As years went by, Melody served a mission and missed her but we continued to send her letters as a way of support. In October 1998, it was my turn to serve a mission. Jenny, May, Melody and Elmey sent me letters and updated me on what was going on, so I didn't feel away from them. After 2000 it became difficult for us to be complete as our priorities have changed - Elmey went home to Palawan, Melody went to New Zealand, Jenny went to Korea, I went to the United States and May was left in the Philippines and later on followed Jenny in Korea. I have maintained in contact with all of them except for Melody. She left for New Zealand to marry her boyfriend (former Elder Lesa) and has been emailing me initially but suddenly lost contact with her. I asked her relatives where she is but they also do not know. I searched the net - Facebook, Friendster, Baguio Mission websites and even goodled her name but to no avail. I hope to find a way to find Melody. For now though, all I can hope and pray is that she is doing great!!!

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