Thursday, May 21, 2009

Holy Cow

Holy Cow is an exclamation of surprise when something is unbelievable or hard to believe. This is what I and everyone have said after learning the power of becoming a Platinum Pacesetter from the training conducted by Fred Cooper, the CEO and President of USANA Company.

A USANA Distributor qualify as a Platinum Pacesetter if, within 42 days (six weeks) of enrollment, the Distributor help at least four people she/he sponsored activate their Business Centers and get on autoship.

I am a qualified Platinum Pacesetter. But believe me,I agree with Fred Cooper that I under estimate the power of being a Platinum Pacesetter. To show how I and the rest of the Platinum Pacesetters under estimated their status and the amount of money that they will be entitled to as a matching bonus, he asked two questions:

First question: What percentage of the commission a Platinum Pacesetter get for the Distributors he sponsors?

My answer: A Platinum Pacesetter gets 100% match of the first 32 weeks of commission for each of the Distributors she sponsored and qualified.

Fred Cooper's verdict: I got the concept correctly. But what is the meaning of that concept in dollar term? The answer is $40 points.


My Cycle Left Right Check

1 200 200 0
2 400 400 0
3 600 600 100
4 300 300 0
5 500 500 100
200/5 = $ 40

Second Question: If you can have the four (4) people you sponsor become Platinum Pacesetter, how much will you get in dollars?

My answer: $ 200

Fred Cooper's verdict: $ 960

Holy Cow!

So if I can make the four people I sponsor become Platinum and each of them opened 3 business centers, I can actually make $960! So it seems morally wrong to bring in a Distributor who would open only a one business center. But even with one business center, I can actually make $440, doubled with what I initially thought I would be entitled to huh. Holy Cow!

Me - $200
Match - 2 (40) = $ 80
2 (80) = $ 160
$ 440 - 1 BC
$ 880 - 3 BC
$960 = P46,080 every four weeks!

Holy Cow!

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