Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Before I Hit The Twig: Have My Teeth Whitened!

Our smile, my dentist said, is the window to our soul. It says more about us than any other physical feature. And that's the reason we have to keep it looking at its brightest.

I have an employee benefit amounting to P3,500.00 dental reimbursement and I was then trying to find a way to make a full use of it other than the usual propylaxis (teeth cleaning) which is only a P500 at the most. That was the time I met my dentist in 2007 and introduced me to the world of teeth whitening. He said that undergoing a teeth whitening will enhance the color of my teeth. So out of curiosity and possibly to be able to make a full use of the dental benefit, I agreed to undergo the teeth whitening which I found out to be one of the tasks in the book "2001 Things To Do Before You Die" and I have marked it completed.

I tried the Sci-Pharm Teeth Whitening system which according to my dentist is the safest, lasting and most effective kind of treatment. This kind of whitening system involves a professional strength gel and a custom made bleaching tray to specifically fit my teeth, producing outstanding results. Well, maybe it didn't do much good on me because I have very little time spent at the dental office and volunteered to do it at home. I like the bleaching tray a lot (just looking at it though haha!!) but putting it on my teeth with the gel is kinda uncomfortable and makes me salivate all night. So I stopped.

A while ago, while I was cleaning my stuff, I found my Whitening System with the bleaching tray and one unused syringe of 3g whitening gel. Maybe I'll try it again and see if it will whiten my teeth still! I paid P10,000 for the whole system so I should better maximize it!

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