Monday, March 23, 2009

Cagayan De Oro: A Home to My Fun and Memorable Vacation

I wrote about my whitewater rafting trip to Cagayan de Oro! Oh how I loved it! But since rafting vacations aren’t the only things CDO has to offer, I feel that CDO deserved another blog entry.

I have been to Cagayan de Oro a number of times and the many wonderful friends I have there - Jean and Leily to name a few, and the the many outdoor activities there, provide me the basis for a fun and memorable vacation every time I am in the City.

Cagayan de Oro is the gateway of the northern Mindanao. Dubbed as the “City of Golden Friendship”, the Kagay-anons are the nicest folks you'll ever met (no doubt I was instant friend with Jean when we were mission companion and with Leily after our mission!)and the city itself is as heartwarmingly cozy as the people, teeming with people-friendly parks and shopping centers.

I love CDO outdoors! Not so far away from the City are beaches and rivers basking in the splendor of the lust vegetation scenery and spectacular gifts of Mother Nature.

Several spots, like the Macahambus Gorge and Adventure Park, gave me a chance to test the limits of my nerves. The sky bridge alone is enough to give me panic attack. The park offers ropelling services, and guests can also explore the Macahambus cave, or for that ultimate adrenaline rush, ride the Zip Line – a hanging slide of more than a hundred feet of high-tension cables strung up a hundred and fifty feet from the bottom of the Macahambus ravine. I didn't dare do it, but I took time to pose for a picture!!

Asking about peace and order situation, CDO, despite its close proximity to the more notoriously turbulent areas of the Philippines, maintains a relatively tension-free environment where one can usually safely walk the streets, taho vendors sing in the streets, and almost everybody closes up shop after ten or eleven in the evening. In fact, it is only in CDO that you will see Christians, Catholics, Muslims, foreigners and various mestizos in and around the city in equal concentrations.

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