Sunday, February 15, 2009

Boston: The Hub of the Universe

Once considered the "Hub of the Universe", Boston still clings to a pride developed as the birthplace of America. There's history and culture at every turn, and I feel lucky that I have visited Boston during the Valentine weekend last Feb. 12 to 14, 2009, as the venue for the J. Reuben Clark Law Society conference.

With the limited time I have in Boston,I made sure that I'll be able to do the "Five Reasons To Go to Boston" that I have read in a book sometime ago.

1. The Freedom Trail

-I walked along Paul Revere's fated path for a glimpse of living American history.

2. Cultural Encounters

-Boston world-class music scene includes Symphony Hall, several impressive collections of art abd a vibrant strongly supported local arts scene.

3. Red Sox Nation

Boston's baseball team is the one thing that will bring the entire city to its feet or its knees. During our visit to the Prudential Tower, we were able to see the stadium where the games are held and how big of a deal it is for the people of Boston to cheer and rally behind every game of the Red Sox, Patriot and Celtics. Even Yankees credit card is not welcome in this US State.

4. Wicked Good Food

- Part of the Law Society conference is a Dinner at the Quincy Market for the authentic New England cuisine. There are also independent restaurants owned by local chefs which put this city next to New York and San Francisco on the culinary map.

5. Harvard Halls

-The country's most well- regarded institution is also one of the oldest and most beautiful. From ivy-laced brick buildings to the namesake square on the edge of the campus, I was able to see this must-visit neighborhood on a single leisurely stroll.

And because it is Valentines, my prince gave me a bonus tracks by bringing me to Beacon Hill Chocolate, Cheers and a leisurely walk of Boston in a freezing winter climate.

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