Monday, February 9, 2009

A week in San Francisco (Feb. 3 to 11, 2009)

This is actually my 5th or 6th visit here in San Francisco. I have seen most of the tourist spots here before, so I have this week-long vacation dedicated to my bestfriend Dearie. It is her birthday on the 10th (i guess she's turning 18, let me ask her!) and I just let her plan the itinerary. Whatever she had planned, I'll go for it! Of course, I also want to meet my other friends like Judee Abalos, Jeanne Serrano and Mike Olsen among others.

So here's a sneak peek at my itinerary here in San Francisco.

February 3
I arrived in San Francisco in the evening and as expected my bestfriend Dearie was at the airport to welcome me. As soon as we got out of the airport, I felt the chill and realized I'm no longer in the Philippines.

February 4- morning
Fort Funston

Fort Funston is a rugged stretch of coastal headlands, sand, and dunes south of Ocean Beach. In some places, the dunes reach heights of 200 feet or more. At the foot of Fort Funston’s cliffs is a wild and windy beach suitable for walking or horseback riding. Trails down to the beach scale the steep dunes with Dutch sand ladders (which help prevent erosion). On the beach, you’ll see shells, sand dollars, seaweed, and other signs of marine life. These great sandy bluffs, combined with the steady ocean breeze, make Fort Funston one of the premier hang-gliding spots in the nation.
ALthough I didn't walk there, Fort Funston is also the site for the Battery Davis which was the first of the casemated batteries. The barrels of its two massive, 16-inch guns weighed 146 tons apiece. Battery Davis served as the prototype for all 16-inch gun emplacements built in America after 1938. Explore Battery Davis from the Sunset Trail.

February 4 - morning
Holocaust Memorial

A certain George Segal created this memorial which overlooks the San Francisco Bay at Land's End. It's just northeast of the Legion of Honor. The memorial invited a swell of emotion as I join the lone standing figure and gazed through the barbed wire fence.

February 4 - Afternoon
San Francisco Zoo

Northern California's largest zoological park features approximately 1,000 exotic and endangered wildlife. I visited Grizzy Gulch, home to two grizzly bears and strolled through the African Savanna habitat. I also experienced the wonders of the Children's Zoo and visited the Gorilla Preserve, Penguin Island, Koala Crossing, and Lemur Forest among others.

February 5 - morning
Golden Gate Park

Historic San Francisco landmark in Golden Gate Park since 1879 boasting rare tropical flowers and plants from around the world. Architectural gem with five distinct galleries.

February 5 - Evening
Shopping at Macy's

February 6 - morning
Shopping at Stonestown Mall

February 6 - afternoon

Formerly a military post, the Presidio is a national park and recreational paradise featuring spectacular vistas, meandering trails, and historic and architectural treasures.

Pier 39, Fisherman's Wharf
One of San Francisco's premier Bay attractions: a festival marketplace with more than 110 stores, 13 Bay view restaurants and a variety of fun-filled attractions for all ages, including the world-renowned sea lions, street performers and live daily entertainment.

February 7 - morning
Oakland Temple

February 7 - afternoon
Meeting Judee and Jean

Jeanne Serrano and Judee Abalos are my two friends in San Sebastian College Institute of Law and they are both in California now, and both happily married. Jeanne lives in Vallejo while Judee lives in Sacramento.
In order for us to meet even briefly, Judee invited both me and Jeanne for her cousin's birthday at their house in Vallejo. It was a great visit. I enjoyed the food - all Filipino, the videoke and the companionship and friendship of long-time friends.

February 8 whole day
East Bay Ward
(Linger Longer)

Every second and fourth Sunday, the East Bay Single's Ward has this Longer Linger thing after Church service. I enjoyed being there and meeting lots of great people. I felt like a celebrity too - because my bestfriend Dearie only has good words about me and she keeps on repeating that to all those in the ward.

February 9 - morning

February 9 - evening

February 10
Ate Dearie's Birthday Celebration
Moonstar Buffet

Videoke at Home (House of Sisig)

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