Sunday, February 22, 2009

Before I Hit The Twig: Ride Space Mountain and My Disneyland Experience

Disneyland Anaheim, California USA
I couldn't believe I would ever mark this task on the "2001 Things To Do Before You Die" as completed. I am a weakling and wouldn't dare try anything that involves speed and darkness. And basing on these two elements, Space Mountain is the scariest ride of all. It is a roller coaster in the dark, in the happiest place on earth - Disneyland! (ironic, isn't it?). During the ride, I wouldn't open my eyes and I couldn't scream because I was soooo scared.

I was blessed to see Disneyland last September 2, 2000 (Saturday) as part of my first ever trip to the US. My friend, Jeremy Miner, got an 'All -Day Pass' and you can ride all you want! Not wanting to waste a single experience, I let Jeremy take charge and let him take me to the ride that I shouldn't miss (that was my greatest mistake I guess...hahha. We went on so many rides that day that I almost die because all those scary rides almost made my heart explode!). Before Space Mountain, we went first to the Splash Mountain, which is a cute log ride, but it has a huge drop at the end and it was scary also..and..and get wet!

Other rides include: It's a small world after all, tea cups (which Jeremy calls vomit cups), story bookland, space rockets, carousel, pirates of the caribbean, and the haunted mansion. He also took me to " Honey I Shrunk The Audience", and that scared me too because there was a snake in the movie and it was 3D so I kicked Jeremy's butt for that.
With Jeremy Miner
Well, after the scary ride, we went on the Tunnel of Love and Autopia (or like Utopia - Perfect World) but it is Autopia (world of cars). I drove, but I kept crashing and my back hurts. Jeremy thinks it was because I couldn't reach the pedals. He teased me that I needed a phone directory to see over the steering wheel hahhaha.

At Toontown
Then we went to toontown where everything looks like a cartoon and there I met Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse, and more Filipinos. Yes, that Saturday was a Filipino Day at Disneyland. Every line we stood in had a Filipino family in it and so we were speaking Tagalog all day long. And Jeremy liked it that way...coz it seems that I didn't leave the Philippines at all.
Parade of Stars
I love the Parade of the Stars so I took lots of pictures. But my favorite is Fantasmic. Fantasmic is the huge show that is performed near a manmade river inside disney land. The stage has a person in the mickey mouse costume jumping around and then the river has a screen of water that is prayed and cartoons are projected on it. There was fire on the water and lots of dancing and amazing special effects. At the end a boat with all the disney characters floated by and the fire on the water stopped. It was quite a visual extravaganza.

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