Monday, February 16, 2009

"2001 Things To Do Before You Die"

The main reason for my month-long vacation here in the US is to spend quality time with my prince, for at least two weeks. He lives in New Jersey and commutes to the City (New York) to attend classes at Cardozo Law School from Monday to Thursday. Today, I decided to tag along with him and looked around while he was attending classes. After checking in some shops, I found myself in one corner of the Barnes and Noble in Union Square.

While over there, I stumbled upon a book entitled "2,001 Things to Do Before You Die" which I found really cool and fascinating. Within the pages of the book reside all sorts of cool things to do -serious, funny, mundane, wonderful, ridiculous, crazy, or inspiring that one can do before he hits the twigs. Simple tasks to silly pranks, from charitable deeds to risky feats, from sweeping lifesyles changes to dramatic philosophical transformations, from mundane to sublime to the ridiculous. I excitedly typed up in my blackberry the "tasks" that I have already done and completed. I have counted up to "375"! I found a number of tasks which I can do while I am here in New York/New Jersey to add up to the list. I am really excited and looking forward to doing it! I am also planning of writing about each task and tell how I was able to accomplish them. So watch out for it in this blog.

1. Have a dimsum for breakfast
2. Pay your parents back for college
3. Shake hands with someone famous
4. Get a professional make over
5. Suddenly decide and leave for a trip
6. Stay in bed all day
7. Give someone a reason to believe in God
8. Lobby
9. Start a Barbie collection
10. Write a letter to the editor
11. Discover a new talent
12. Communicate without words
13. Spend one month without a car
14. Spend one month without television
15. Spend one month without a radio
16. Donate books
17. Interview your friends on video camera
18. Read to children
19. Listen to Mozart's Requiem without interruption
20. Give a taxi driver some advice
21. Write your high school teacher a thank-you note
22. Become familiar with duende
23. Take an acting class
24. Spend a day with a toddler
25. Protect the innocent
26. Dry some flowers
27. Go on a silent retreat
28. Start a new political party
29. Travel alone
30. Teach someone to read
31. Read, understand, and memorize three poems
32. Haggle ...and win
33. Press some flowers
34. Learn to play an instrument
35. Catch fireflies
36. Visit a monastery
37. Learn to sail
38. Attend a Catholic Mass
39. Fast for three days (just bread and water)
40. See the Great Wall of China
41. Ride Space Mountain
42. Spend some time in a third world country
43. Surf
44. Catch the bouquet
45. Roll your own sushi
46. Sit in first class
47. Send someone a "just thinking of you" card
48. Have your palm or tarot cards read
49. Walk on the beach in winter
50. Rearrange all the furniture in your living room
51. Leave your umbrella and take a walk in the summer rain
52. Watch a baby being born
53. Read or listen closely to "I have a dream"
54. Vote
55. Plan the perfect April Fools' Day prank
56. Become a Scrabble Champ
57. Win an argument
58. Let someone else win an argument
59. Try on your partner's clothes
60. Call your mother
61. Change your first name
62. Clean up your room
63. Fly a kite
64. Swallow your pride
65. Inspire someone
66. Send everyone you know a valentine
67. Give a rousing or moving speech
68. Go night-swimming in a light rain
69. Scream as loud as you can
70. Write to an athlete you particularly admire
71. Impress the boss
72. Line dance
73. Travel the globe
74. Interview your grandparents about their childhoods
75. Win a trophy
76. Mediate a dispute
77. Change jobs
78. Love more than once
79. Live beyond your means
80. Witness a miracle
81. Surf the net
82. Box
83. Keep track of love
84. Win an election
85. Chair a board
86. Learn to eat rice with chopsticks
87. Burn sandalwood incense
88. Play with puppies
89. Make a photo album or collage for your best friend
90. Watch Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory on a big-screen TV
91. Read the Bible
92. Witness a revolution
93. Put glow-in -the-dark stars and asteriods in your room
94. Catch a butterfly, then let it go
95. Protest something
96. Learn how to give a great back rub
97. Submit your manuscript
98. Smile at someone on the subway
99. Collect seashells
100. Sleep on sundried sheets
101. Start a conversation with a stranger
102. Organize a family reunion
103. Throw a surprise party
104. Admit that you don't know
105. Start a tradition
106. Play Santa for a needy family at Christmas
107. Write a fan letter
108. Hit the road
109. Teach English as a second language
110. Catch a snowflake on your tonque
111. Tear down a wall, literal or otherwise
112. Go fishin'
113. Don't take the day off; take two
114. Do nothing
115. Soak in a hot tub
116. Become the president of something
117. Show up
118. Shut up
119. Get a really good foot massage
120. Cut off a bad relationship
121. Chuckle
122. Change your mind
123. Learn the difference between early and late
124. Take your time
125. Frame all your accomplishments
126. Congratulate and praise lots more people
127. Smell the flowers, the cooking, the rain and the sweat
128. Be gainfully self- employed
129. Be a big sister to a kid
130. Watch the sun rise on a Hawaiian isle
131. Bake brownies
132. See how far you can swim underwater
133. Own a King-size bed
134. Move
135. Take a walk in the woods at night when it's sbowing
136. Write what you remember before you forget
137. Hand up on an unwanted caller
138. Play badminton
139. Write an anonymous letter
140. Keep a journal
141. Get involved
142. Finish school
143. Ride a cable car in San Francisco
144. Ride a merry-go-round
145. Stop making New Year's resolution
146. Live without a phone for a full seven days
147. Practice smiling
148. Separate from your significant other for one month
149. Buy a sarong
150. Visit the sick
151. Stretch every muscle everyday
152. Eat your vegetables
153. Enjoy the moment without expecting it to last
154. Be the last to stop applauding
155. Mend a broken heart
156. Figure out how to make enough money
157. Have only one PIN number
158. Teach leadership
159. Eat dessert first
160. Get a facial
161. (can't be written)
162. Get to know your neighbors
163. Drink the milk from a coconut with a straw
164. Take a course at or get a degree fro Harvard
165. Get out of debt
166. One day spend $1000 in cash on at least six things
167. Pursue the one you love
168. Fall asleep counting your blessing
169. Learn to use a gun, but never have to
170. Grow long hair
171. Be a pen pal
172. Float
173. Partake in a demonstration
174. Depose a witness
175. Use a seesaw
175. Move an audience to tears
176. Wear pajamas all day long
177. Know where you stand
178. Eat candy for breakfast
179. Tell your age proudly
180. Be the life of the party
181. Smile,relentlessly, at a grumpy person
182. Have a picnic on the beach in February
183. Start a trend
184. Order from the kid's menu
185. Shop at a farmer's market
186. Play with your food
187. Reread old love letters
188. Rekindle a flame
189. Set an example
190. Discover the roots of your first name
191. Ask for a discount
192. Astonish and amaze yourself
193. Sign autographs
194. Become familiar with the facade of Notre Dame de Paris
195. Change someone's mind
196. Do it in the road
197. Have passion for your work
198. Let the phone ring
199. Practice sitting up straight
200. Fall in love on a first date
201. Start a pillow fight
202. Invite your friends over for a slumber party
203. Be a godparent
204. Wow your friends with your karaoke routine
205. Wear a wig
206. Make a fuss over your mom's cooking
207. Sweep someone off his feet
208. Lose your cool
209. Pretend you don't speak English
210. Wear sunglasses at night
211. Watch a session of Congress from the visitor's gallery
212. Achieve greater family happiness
213. Read the fine print
214. Face everyone else in the elevator
215. Wear a lei
216. Love a teddy bear
217. Wonder
218. Play in Madison Square Garden
219. Forecast the future
220. Wear the pants
221. Press the mute button
222. Moonlight with your hobby
223. Throw strikes
224. Leave the place in better shape than you found it
225. Leave the bed unmade, the toilet seat up, and the toothpaste cap off - just once
226. Write out your plan for life
227. Buy nothing for a weekend - not even public transportation
228. Cry copiously
229. Approach each new year with unchecked enthusiasm
230. Spot oxymorons
231. Let someone else win
232. Memorize people's scent
233. Absorb
234. Wear your seatbelt
235. Learn to read music
236. Hula-Hoop
237. Mesmerize
238. Leave work early and take your family to dinner and a movie
239. Listen to the sound of love
240. Splurge on the wedding dress of your dreams
241. Stand the test of time
242. Spit off the Eiffel Tower
243. Paint your toenails
244. Make your own pizza
245. Daydream for a whole day
246. Tell fortunes
247. Toast marshmallows
248. Genuflect and bow your head
249. Get around, get off, get away, get ahead, and get together
250. Watch an egg hatch
251. Fall head-over -heels in love
252. Take part in heaven on earth
253. Be more careful esp.around ladders
254. Open all the windows
255. Get engaged at least once
256. Ask him to marry you
257. Breath deeply
258. Kiss people on both cheeks
259. Create an annual family ritual of some kind
260. Amaze
261. Decide on a favorite color and a lucky number
262. Take one day at a time
263. Brainstorm
264. Laugh out loud
265. Keep the sabbath
266. Have a day of rest
267. See if acupuncture works for you
268. Play with clay
269. See a full eclipse
270. Appreciate the love handles
271. Contemplate your navel
272. Study the lessons of history
273. Touch your elbows behind your back
274. Rent a jukebox
275. Meet your lover at a motel
276. Negotiate a better deal
277. Network
278. Share the profits
279. Supplement your income
280. Clean up the mess
281. Give up being perfect
282. Bathe in the lap of luxury
283. Be childlike, not childish
284. Read bedtime stories
285. Read the Beatitudes
286. Caveat emptor
287. Know the way out and the way in
288. Consider the opposite
289. Wear a virtual reality helmet
290. Allow yourself an outburst
291. Sing in a glee club, a capella group
292. Come from behind
293. Meet the love of life's ex, and shook her hand and say "thank you"
294. Fall in love on public transportation
295. Tell everyone special to you that you love them
296. Spend a few days in a place where you are the minority
297. Understand what loneliness really means
298. Buy the best seat in the house for a play with great reviews
299. Roll down a small hill
300. Hustle
301. Quarrel calmly
302. Drop names
303. Ask for a raise
304. Give raises
305. R.S.V.P
306. Be serious
307. Let your hair down
308. Save your leftovers and give them to the hungry
309. Sin no more
310. Soap up your partner
311. Stroll the Champs-Elysees
312. Win a spelling bee
313. Do lunch with
314. Surround yourself with trust
315. See the good in those with whom you differ
316. Hear a newborn baby cry
317. Mingle
318. (can't be written)
319. Immerse yourself in another culture
320. Stop daydreaming and seek your fortune
321. Read all the stuff that come home from school
322. Reach out and touch someone
323. Start with the air you breathe and list all the good things in your life
324. Get eight hours of sleep every night
325. Lead, follow, or get out of the way
326. Live without a cellphone
327. Locate and call a childhood friend you haven't communicated with at least twenty years
328. Try being a vegan
329. Write all that you remember of your family history for the next generation
330.Invite all of the childhood friends you can find to a reunion at your residence
331. Detect a forgery
332. Sing at a wedding
333. Become so good at white water rafting that you can be a guide on the most difficult rivers
334. Travel the world by reading
335. Overcome adversity
336. Survive
337. Comfort the afflicted
338. Have your own website
339. Gather a bunch of friends for a Halloween hayride
340. Live within your means
341. Release balloons in church
342. Get your teeth whitened
343. Be a game show contestant
344. Put down the toilet seat
345. Enjoy Intercourse, Pennsylvania
346. Take a month of weekends
347. Go back to where you came from
348. Wear flowers in your hair
349. Spoil kids every once in a while
350. Be extravagant with your praise
351. Have a best friend who's really honest when you need it
352. Let your hair down
353. Wear a milk mustache in a "Got Milk?" ad
354. Thank everyone
355. Be accountable
356. Sing back- up
357. Define your utopia
358. Be intimate with
359. Have great friends
360. Have friends in high places
361. Have friends in low places
362. Exercise restraint
363. Cultivate grace
364. Eat a ripe mango
365. Witness a death
366. Play spin the bottle
367. Speak your piece
368. Speak your peace
369. Tour the Louvre
370. Read aloud Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
371. Squeeze a glass of fresh orange juice
372. Eat less fat
373. Eat more fat
374. Count up everything in these pages you've already done
375. Live

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