Tuesday, January 6, 2009

LDS Jubilee Celebration in The Philippines: Kick-Off Jan. 3, 2009

It was an experience for me to be a part of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Jubilee Celebration Kick-Off at the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Theater in Santolan, Quezon City. I was part of the Novaliches choir which sang the theme song for the Jubilee.

On a biblical note, Jubilee is a time of celebration or rejoicing. It is defined in Leviticus 25:9 as "Yovel" in Hebrew, as the sabbatical year after seven cycles of seven years.

Come April 28, 2011, the LDS Church will celebrate its golden Jubilee, since the Church in the Philippines is turning 50 years old! As part of the three-year Jubilee Plan, a Song Writing and Logo Competitions were held in search for the theme song and logo for the Jubilee. The song "United" by Danel October Beriong from San Jose, Antique was chosen as the grand winner and became the theme song, while the logo designed by Dino Antenorcruz was chosen as the Jubilee logo.

There were two sessions held- 2pm and 5pm, and two Stakes sang the theme song "United" in each session. On the 2pm session were the Manila Stake Choir and the Novaliches Choir, while Paranaque and Marikina Stake choirs sang at the 5pm session. The Area Presidency and the audience clapped their hands after our rendition, so it was an experience.

(Novaliches Choir Director Cynthia Ampil, with Novaliches Choir soloist Paulo Antenorcruz and the composer of the Jubilee Theme song "United", Danel October Beriong)

(with Novaliches Choir soloist Paulo Antenorcruz and some members of the Manila Stake Choir who loves Paulo after our rendition of the theme song United)


  1. wow luv the voices! im proud to be pinoy kasi magaganda ang boses kahit me hindi!lol! ganda ng song eh! very touching! thx 4 sharing this! i would love 2 come during the jubilee celebration...it's probably going 2 be big! hmmm..time to save, hahaha!

  2. Thanks Ling for checking my blog. I do too for yours, but the comments is not posted until you approve. The comments have not been posted so I'll assume you did not approve them hahhaha. Just kidding...Yea. it will be a big celebration esp. on April 28 - Nationwide Cultural Presnetation and May 1, 2011 Area Conference.

  3. oh yeah! i usually approve all the comments unless you said something bad about me, hahaha! well, time flies and pretty soon you'll be here in the US! have a safe flight ok doki!

  4. wer can we get an online copy of the "united" 2011 jubilee theme song w/ lyrics and notes?

  5. hello,

    i don't know yet where to get online copy of the song "United" but I will ask about it from the composers and some contacts with the Jubilee organizers staff. we'll let you know. thanks for checking my blog.


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