Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Some Things About Me...

My friend Samantha Mass inspired me to have this List. This is one way to tell something about myself in a simple, less writing needed. This is may as well have your own list..

10 years ago I was:

1. I was serving a mission in the Philippines San Pablo Mission
(I'm blessed to have Jeremy as my District Leader and he is my fave!)
2. I passed the Philippine Bar while on my second area
3. I started my first lawyering job at the Bureau of Immigration a day after my released from the mission field
4. I was granted a 10 year multiple visa to the US eventho there is 99% denial for young and single and broke like me! (Visited 7 States on my first trip to the US and L.A is my first US States)
5. Had my first serious relationship and first real heartaches

5 Things on Today’s To Do List:

1. Check my Facebook to see if I have 200 friends!
2. Finish my budget for 2009
3. Pencil push on the setting up of my law firm by end of May when I step out of Church employment.
4. Clean my room so it will be fresh the whole year round
5. Take out all my Yellow shirts and shorts, the family motiff for the New Year's eve.

5 Snacks I enjoy:

1. Chocolates (I have tons in the fridge. I love all kinds esp. Ferrero and Cadbury)2. Choco chip oat cookies I baked
3. Mango Jubilee dessert I prepared
4. Rainbow Jello (my original recipe last night and enjoyed it)
5. Mixed Fruits and Nuts (esp.the one from Kirkland)

5 things I would do if I were a millionaire:

1. Pay off my house and add a recreation room with all the sports/recreational gadgets therein
2. Renovate my parents house (based on the design they've chosen - a Boracay inspired house)
3. Help my prince pay off his school loans - Law school is very expensive!
4. Build a vacation house in an island so I can always host my friends, at least once a month.
5. Buy an airplane so I could travel around the world with my prince without having to buy tickets.

5 Places I have lived:

1. Camarines Norte, Philippines
2. Quezon City, Philippines
3. Southern Tagalog, Philippines
4. San Francisco, CA
5. Provo, Utah

5 jobs I have had:

1. Girl Friday for Cong. Butch Abad (Batanes Congressman).
2. Tutor for Koreans for 6 years
3. Elementary & High School Teacher at the Holy Rosary School of Quezon City
4. Law School Professor at San Sebastian & Law School Book Author
5. In-House Counsel for Almeda Inc.l Bureau of Immigration, and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources

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