Friday, December 5, 2008

Pinoy Olimpiks (9/20/2008): Hep hep! Orange!!

PBO Pinoy Olimpiks 
It was a perfect sunny Saturday when I was transported to a time when life was just the way I had always wanted it to be. It was a time when patintero, habulan, piko and Chinese garter were the craze. Yes, it was the time I attended the Church office Pinoy Olimpiks, the theme for the Employees Day. It was the time I enjoyed the freedom to jump, run, and sweat out my joyful energy outdoors thru simple traditional Filipino games.

Malakas Team (Orange) Cheering Squad

It was a great sight to see all teams of different colors spread all over the quadrangle trying to generate the most number of points in the Patintero, Piko, Pinoy Golf (jolen), Luksong Lubid, Motocross, and Pukpok palayok. There was also a cheering competition at the start of the program where Malakas team creatively performed their skills and sounded well during their cheering presentation.

Pinoy Motokros Relay -Motorcycle tires were racing in the grass track powered by the fastest and skillful individuals.

Luksong Lubid made most of the team members, if not all, jump in unison attempting to get the most number of participants jumping in the loop.

Mhe-anne Playing Piko
Piko game reminded me how to play it right.

Pukpuk Palayok -Adults felt and acted as young again picking up the prized candies from the broken pot as teams competed to be the first to hit the pot.

Opening Program at the PBO Quadrangle 
At the end of the day, my team Malakas (Strong, Orange) was the pulled away winner overall. Matiyaga (Diligent, Yellow) and Matatag (Firm, Sky Blue) teams emerged 2nd and third neck-to-neck winners, respectively.

It was indeed an action-packed and fun-filled occasion. Not only I was able to perspire my stored calories off but at the same time gave me opportunity to associate and mingle with others working in the office in a different social setting.

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