Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Physical Facilities Dept. Idol is a real Idol Experience!

I am a big fan of any singing competition especially the "Idol" search. When I was in the US, I followed religiously and voted for my bet in American Idol Kelly Clarkson who was declared the ultimate winner in the 2002 search.

Last year, Philippines has its own version with its "Pinoy Idol". I watched it every night, and even bought a tv for my car so I won't miss it in case I work till late in the office (which happens almost every night!). My favorite is the Kapampangan's Pride, Jay-Ann Bautista. During the Finals I cajoled my prince to watch it with me. I was very thankful when he agreed and got a gold ticket for the show at the SMEX, Mall of Asia.

So, last night, with the Physical Facilities Department (PFD) Idol search, my Pinoy Idol experience in August 2008 flashed back. I was privileged to be one of those outside the PFD Department to see the PFD Search for the First ever PFD Idol. Wow! It was a great show - from the stage design, vtr, backstage arrangement, lights, sounds, hosts, and the props, I couldn't tell the difference from the Pinoy Idol Finals!Kudos to the people who put it up. I really enjoyed the performances of the 11finalists. The hosts Ricky Cuenco (aka Raymond Gutierrez) and Joval Fulgar (aka Karylle and Rhian Ramos) are superb! They are like professionals in their hosting stint. And well of course who would forget the witty judges - Roland Gaspar, Joy Cabanting and Raymond Ruiz (aka Si-mon Cowell!). I enjoyed their comments after each performance. Just like a real Idol search, the fate of the 11 brave souls was turned over to the PFD employees (around 150) who cast their votes written on their stub at the designated ballot box. After a few minutes, Jeff Corpus (Contestant No. 5) who sang "Delilah" emerged as the very first PFD Idol! Contestant No. 3 - Aniceto Zabala won the runner-up.

Jeff Corpus (sitting, in white long sleeves) and Chito Zabala (sitting, in red) with host Ricky Cuenco (standing, middle) and other PFD hopefuls.

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