Sunday, December 14, 2008

Church Office Themed Christmas Party

I love themed parties. This is why I look forward to Church Office annual Christmas parties with great anticipation. For my three years stint as a Church employee, I enjoyed three unique experiences of a costume Christmas themed parties which all spell fun and went on like a breeze. Party on!Before I know it, the party is over and has become a fabulous memory.

2008 Wild Wild West

The recently concluded Wild, Wild West Christmas Party last December 12, 2008 is a classic. Simple "WANTED" poster invitations on our office doors few days before the event quickly got everyone in the right mood. employees were requested to come in blue jeans (forget the office attire!) on the day of the event and that made us fit right into the venue (PBO quadrangle) transformed into a Western town with signs and other decorations. Many employees came and felt like sheriff, cowboys and cowgirls as we squared-dance, lined dance and participated in the fun.

2007 Retro -DO THE HUSTLE party. With my Afro wig, love beads, tunic golden top, and hippie glasses, I had fun "hustling" to the finish line and being chosen as one of the best dressed female. The party made me flashbacked to the groovin’ in the 60s and getting funky in the 70s.

2006 Filipiniana Party

There’s really something about the 2006 Church Office Christmas party where females wore Filipiniana dresses and the males wore the Barong Tagalog - that is subtle elegance!Needless to say, the 2006 Filipiniana party spoke of Church employees patriotism.For many of us, wearing Filipiniana is not just carrying a style, but wearing a legacy. As if the dress wasn't patriotic enough, add the venue transformed in Bahay Kubo and the traditional pinoy delicacies served as refreshments. I always recall this Filipiniana party with pride and dignity.

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