Friday, November 28, 2008

Laguna and Rizal: Kaleidoscope of Sceneries

In August 10, 2008, on our way back to Manila from our 080808 Quezon adventure, we decided to pass through the back door so to speak. Mark served in Quezon City mission from 1998 to 2000, almost the same time I was serving in the San Pablo mission. We actually joke that while he was in Malaya, his princess to be was just on the other side of the mountain (Tayabas Quezon)! It was exciting to venture through that uncharted route and visit my prince old areas of Malaya and Antipolo.

We drove along seventeen municipalities of Laguna and Rizal which include Lucban, Majayjay, Luisiana, Cavinti, Pagsanjan, Lumban, Paete, Pakil, Pangil, Siniloan, Famy, Jalajala, Pililia, Tanay, Baras, Teresa and Antipolo City. I was overwhelmed with the kaleidoscope of sceneries and natural wonders as we hop from one destination to the next.

In the comfort of our car, we found ourselves enjoying the lush and verdant countryside. Laguna and Rizal are endowed with bodies of freshwater, golden rice fields, coconut plantations, tropical rainforest, hilly terrain, therapeutic hot and cool springs, waterfalls and rivers. Because of this merry mix of natural attractions, Laguna and Rizal are veritable tourist paradise.

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