Friday, November 21, 2008

Double Milestone Birthday

Last Saturday, November 15 we celebrated my mom's 60th Birthday and my nephew Jay-M's 8th Birthday and Baptism into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It is somehow difficult to find a common theme for these celebrations. After many attempts, I finally able to see the connection: both 60th and 8th Birthdays are Milestone celebrations! 60th Birthday is a milestone because not everyone reaches that age. Turning 8 years old however is considered a milestone for LDS members. This is the time the person can be baptized into the Church.
The celebration started with Jay-M's baptism tehn followed by the birthday party. The baptism was very memorable. Jay-M's teachers and classmates who were all non-members were there. We also invited relatives of my sisters-in-laws who are non-members to witness the baptism. It was a great baptismal service and the missionaries found a lot of new investigators. Sister Gabel and Sister Gungob were actually the speakers and they did a pretty good job.

The second part of the milestone celebration is of course the party! We prepared so much food (courtesy of Kuya Mike, Jay-M's father while the cooking was all done by my sisters in-laws Belenda and Imee. Belenda's mom and sister also helped out in the 8 - dish menu).

We played two games during the party. The games were all about mom but were played by both kids (Jay-M's friends) and adults alike. The first game was a Charade Relay entitled "All About Mom". The words to be acted out by participants and to be guessed all relates to my mom like she is a SEWER, loves to takes care of her grand children, cook during Family Get - Together, etc.)

The second game is called "Merry Tailor" with the kids as participants. Two teams lined up. In each line men and women take their turns. In each line, the players choose a tailor. The tailor takes a wooden stick ("a needle") with the thick thread in it. (wind the thread into a ball). At the command the tailors begin "to sew". The tailor "sews" the gentlemen's trouser - legs (passes the thread from one leg to another) and lady's sleeves (passes the thread from one sleeve to another). The tailor who "sews" all his team the first wins the game.

We had so much fun. It was really a fun-filled birthday celebration. We gave my mom of course a new Sewing Machine!!! She was delighted at the gift!

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