Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bohol: Distinctive, Timeless Attraction

One of the many places I was able to visit because of my work as a legal manager is Bohol. But unlike others who felt lucky enough to enjoy Bohol’s beauty, I initially was ungrateful. I flew there for the first time last July 21, 2007 (Saturday) for an appointment with the Registers of Deeds in Tagbilaran first thing Monday. The Saturday flight was the only available flight so I had no choice. Because I flew in the middle of the Sandugo Festival celebration, all the hotels were fully booked and not getting a prior hotel reservation for a first timer was really a bad idea. I spent hours at the airport figuring out where to spend the night. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, I left my prince alone in Manila and not able to spend the weekend together like how we want his remaining weekends in the Philippines (only two left) to be. Barely a month in a relationship, to be away for a day, feels like forever for me. Of course, my prince really wanted to come with me then but because I have changed my flight a number of times, he wasn’t able to get his ticket changed.

After hours of choosing, I finally found a place to stay and a good taxi rental. And that started my adventures enough to over power the hassles I just had. Bohol has the distinctive, timeless attractions and nature that anyone would find breath taking! I did!!!


I checked in at Amarella Resort in Panglao Island at night and it is an enchanting scene. Lights guided my path to the beach. Down to my room is a swimming pool that is so cool at night and enjoyed swimming. The owner of Amarella was the former partner of Quisumbing Torres, the law firm that the Church uses and it felt good to be at a resort where you call the owner on a first name basis and be able to dine with them. My room is really spacious and comfy, (but somewhat expensive because it is intended for double occupancy). I stayed at Amarella only for that first night coz I got the reservation for Sunday night at a hotel in Tagbilaran City where my appointments were.

The next morning, I checked out of Amarella to move to Metro Center Hotel. Since I can only checked in after 3pm, I decided to first look for a chapel to attend church service. The car rental driver, however, did not know any LDS Church so I just decided to tour Bohol and enjoy its beauty.


Hike up to the public viewing area, pretty majestic scenery 214 steps from observation area

Touristy site of the blood compact between Bohol’s Datu Sikatuna and the Spanish explorer Miguel Lopez de Legazpi.

BOHOL’S FAMOUS TARSIERS which you can view deep within their natural habitat.

MAN-MADE PARIS – The manmade mahogany forest makes a tour of Bohol seem like a drive through California or Baguio- when it still have trees

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