Thursday, November 27, 2008

Batangas: A Seaside Paradise!

Our family gathers for a reunion when the sun is at its hottest and the sea, at its bluest. Yes, in summer – anytime during the first week of May. For our 2007 reunion venue the run-away winner is Batangas. It only takes a three-hour drive from Manila and my family can be made to fit my Adventure wagon without too much enduring to do. As the organizer for every family reunion, I was blessed to experience every beach resorts in Batangas and I can say that indeed Batangas is a divinely blessed seaside paradise.

San Juan, Batangas. We chose the Kabayan beach resort because it has accommodation for 28 people at very reasonable prices. The beach has a fine white sand and good swimming shore that everyone even the kids can safely enjoy.

Anilao, Batangas. This is famous for divers as many great dive sites are in this part of Batangas. We checked out Outrigger resort, Mainit Point and other resorts nearby. Since I am the only one who dive, any of the sites, however, are not fitted for the kind of adventure that my parents and the kids can enjoy. But for those who love to bring their masks and snorkel tubes, your fascinating sea life adventure can find its ways to Anilao.

. with delilah fernandez

Verde Island, Batangas. I went there with my friends for an adventure i woudn't forget...the pristine waters is truly fascinating!

The Farm , Batangas. Only 85 kilometers south of Manila, The Farm rewards visitors with its well-preserved nature.

with Bonnie Pollock at the Farm.


  1. aaaahhhh! Mhe-anne! You're making me homesick :( I miss Batangas! My home is so beautiful, hehehe! I miss Anilao...I visited that place while in the mission...There's a member who live on top of the hill and the view was absolutely gorgeous! You probably know them...I forgot their last name! Oh well, keep those places's so entertaining especially to me who miss the Philippines so bad!

  2. Hey thanks for the comments Ling. I am planning to write as daily as possible...I'm also following your blog and I enjoy all the entries. I normally can't comment because I open it on blackberry and can't add my comments from there...

  3. Ate Mhe-anne, me website ba ang Kabayan Beach Resort?


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