Monday, October 13, 2008

Belenda's Feelings About Dining Together

This photo was taken during a late night get - together last April 19, 2008 on the occasion of our son James 7th birthday (the one wearing sando). I had dinner with the kids early on, put them to bed, baked some cookies and when my husband came home with a birthday cake, I woke up all the kids. In the photo from left to right: Shane, me, holding baby Shanara, James, Ian and my husband Allan. During that night, we had a simple but meaningful birthday celebration and had an enjoyable family togetherness at the dining table. I always look forward to our family meal time just as how I look forward to mealtime when I was growing – up. My family would come together at the end of a busy day to enjoy a meal which was a welcome time for me, because not only I would be able to taste my mom’s cooking, but also it means a ‘no- holds barred’ time with them. With my family ready to listen, I overcame shyness and learned to speak up a piece of my mind whenever asked. Now that I have my own family and knowing the positive effects of family mealtime on children’s behaviors, my husband and I planned to have plenty of mealtime together. We see to it that no matter how busy he is, we would find time to eat together every night. We hope that in having a reguIar family mealtime, our children will fight less (especially the two boys), be more open and trusting that they can share anything to us and excitedly tell us what they liked about their day without getting reprimand. It is a rule that we turn off the television and cell phones, and everyone just focus on the conversation. We give Ian, James and even Shane an opportunity to contribute to the conversation and give them opportunity to practice or rehearse what they learn in school and at their church primary classes. Doing this I know that my children will grow to be better kids: kinder, confident, and happy.

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  1. This entry won as one of the five runners-up of the FaMEALy Values: What I learned from the Dinner Table, Lucky Me! and Philippine Star Photo Essay Contest!

    As a winner, she won buffet gift certificates for 4 at Heat Restaurant, in Edsa Shangri-La Hotel, for more memorable bonding moments with the family.


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