Monday, October 13, 2008

Amy's Thougts on Family Meal Time

When I was growing up, my family ate together almost every night. It was a good time for my mother (who raised us singly) to check in on what was happening to me and my three brothers, in school, church, activities and friendships. Because I didn’t want to report any negative things that will make my mother unhappy and my three brothers pretty concerned, I always tried to obey God’s commandments especially the law of chastity and Word of Wisdom (non - use of alcohol, tobacco, coffee, tea and illegal drugs). I owe it to my family dining experiences that I remained pure until my wedding day and have not tried the negative influences of tobacco, alcohol, and illegal drugs just like all my brothers.

I am married now, with four growing children: Mitch (9 years old), Jay-M (7 years old), Jay-A (4 years old) and baby Mikaela (8 months old). Because of the positive effect of my family dining experience on me, my husband and I always see to it that we dine together as a family every night and on Sunday lunch after church. This photo is an example of those family dining experiences. This was taken during our family lunch last October 13, 2007, coinciding with my 27th birthday celebration. In the photo is me, with my daughter Mitch while the other family members are not seen in the photo. I always involve Mitch (since she is old enough) in planning and serving meals, with the hope that when she grows up she will look forward to dining with us, despite her busy schedule and other fun activities. We make our dining experiences a pleasant experience for everyone. We make it chance to enjoy family togetherness as we listen to Mitch, Jay-M and Jay-A report to us how their day went at school and church primary classes, new friends they have, new riddles they learned and all their funny interactions with their cousins. I hope that as we continue to have family meals, we will have a strong family relationships and our home will be a bit of heaven on earth.

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